Refrigeration System


Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc has grown with the technological advances in the refrigeration industry since it started business over 70 years ago.  We have expanded our expertise from the original refrigeration focus on ammonia systems to a full service commercial and industrial refrigeration offering.  Our services include design, sales, installation, maintenance and service on all brands and types of refrigeration equipment.  We also are proficient in refrigerant piping design and sizing.  We have experience installing and servicing most types of refrigeration systems and equipment.  The list includes but is not limited to medium and low temperature commercial refrigeration equipment such as reach-in coolers and freezers, walk-in coolers and freezers, supermarket refrigerated cases, rack systems, cold storage warehouses, food processing and production, manufacturing cooling systems (See Chillers), cascade ultra-low temp systems and ice skating rinks.


Refrigerant Conversions

We convert refrigeration systems from refrigerants that are no longer produced or ones that are being phased out or phased down to environmentally friendly and code compliant refrigerants.  Our technicians are kept up to date with the ever-changing governmental rules concerning refrigerants as well as the new refrigerants that are being developed.  We always look for the best long-term solutions for our customer’s refrigerant issues using industry best practices to reduce risks of lost time and lost product.


Additional Refrigeration Services


Preventive Maintenance Programs

We offer customized preventive maintenance programs for any type of refrigeration system.  The programs are designed to keep the equipment operating in the most efficient manner, reduce emergency breakdowns, reduce the total cost of ownership and extend the life of the equipment.



We provide retro-commissioning (RCx) services to return systems back to their original designed operating parameters.  RCx will also find problems with systems that never quite worked the way they were intended to.


Control Systems

We provide direct digital control systems to control all aspects of the refrigeration cycle (i.e. temperature and defrost), monitor operation, alarm system to protect perishables, log energy use and provide troubleshooting data.  We also offer leak detection equipment to aid in the customer’s refrigerant management system.


Refrigerant Management

We comply with the EPA’s rules and regulations pertaining to the use and disposal of refrigerants.  We provide data and reports that enable our customer to comply with the refrigerant usage reporting requirements of the EPA.



We Service the Following:


Walk-In Coolers/Freezers Reach-In Coolers/Freezers Refrigerated Cases
Refrigerated Warehouses Meat/Food Processing Plants Cold Storage Freezers
Commercial Ice Machines Rack Systems Ice Skating Rinks
Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Systems Ammonia Systems Refrigerant Conversions
Ultra-Low Temp Boxes Medical Storage Freezers  




Our technicians have completed a comprehensive 5-year UA Steamfitter apprentice program or equivalent training.  In addition, the technicians attend continuing education classes to keep abreast of new technology and new equipment.  We can provide qualified technicians regardless of the size of the project or service problem.  We have technicians on call 24-7-365 and will provide the fastest response time possible for all emergency service requests.


Contact Information

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