Energy Services
Energy Services

Ameren Illinois proudly recognized Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc. as the 2022 Overall and Most Improved Project Program Ally of the Year, for supporting Ameren Illinois customers in the completion of 90 projects, 50 more than the previous year.

We use your utility data and building square foot to give you an idea of how your facilities energy usage is compared to other facilities like yours across the nation based on an Energy Use Intensity (EUI).

Our assessment begins by benchmarking the current ways your building uses energy using BuildingAdvice® and the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Need funding for your energy solutions? At Ruyle Mechanical Services Inc., we can help you discover and implement incentive or grant programs offered by the government and by utility companies.

Our professionals will use the customers building drawings to create a building model of how things are currently running and baseline it to the current utility data

With BuildingAdvice’s Savings Tracker®, our professionals will provide weather normalized energy savings reports after projects have been completed.

Energy Services Division

Ruyle Mechanical Services Inc. has provided sustainable and energy efficient solutions to clients across Illinois for more than 70 years. Our Energy Services Division has developed a comprehensive process to deal with each client’s specific needs to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. We have Certified Energy Manager (CEM)-accredited professionals on staff who will use their expertise in finding solutions for commercial and industrial facilities’ energy use issues.  In addition to developing the solutions, Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc. will use its knowledge and experience with utility incentive grant programs and government programs to help find ways to provide funding to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.


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In order to improve the energy efficiency of your facility, we must first understand how your buildings and processes uses energy by performing an assessment of the facility.  Our assessment begins by benchmarking the current ways your building uses energy using  BuildingAdvice®. This information will help us start developing customized energy solutions.



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If you are looking for energy saving solutions for your company, please contact our Energy Services Division. Our Energy Services Manager is Tom Loos; Email.


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