Building Automation Systems
Building Automation Systems
Building Automation Systems

Building automation controls are vital for the comfort, efficiency and design in today’s facilities market. From new installation to the retrofit of an existing system, Ruyle Mechanical Services is the solution provider for your building automation needs.


Dealing with Pneumatic Controls?


Many existing buildings continue to utilize pneumatics to control the HVAC equipment. Ruyle provides the expertise and support necessary to keep these systems operational. However, Ruyle can also help to phase-out the pneumatic controls into direct digital controls.


Making the Switch to Direct Digital Controls


Many building operators or building owners feel handcuffed with their current building automation system. At Ruyle, we know just the way to “uncuff” them: The key is using AutomatedLogic controls. Learn more about AutomatedLogic by clicking here.


Building Temperature Controls


Custom programs developed for critical control and monitoring applications include precise monitoring to maintain specifications such as:

  • HVAC Controls
  • Boiler & Chiller Control
  • Industrial & Process Applications
  • Clean Rooms
  • General Processes
  • Custom Reporting and Verification


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If you are interested in installing or upgrading new building automation controls, please call Project Manager Erik Fehl at 309-674-6644 ext 221.


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